At 78° north, Longyearbyen is Svalbard’s largest settlement, the world’s northernmost town and an amazing base for arctic photography. Almost everything here (from the church and museum, to the ATM and sushi restaurant) is prefaced by the words “the most northerly…”! I was able to enjoy the midnight sun which lasts from April to August, but would love to return to experience the town during its long polar night (October to February). Gun lockers at the entrance to shops and hotels, stuffed specimens and the famous road signs remind you that you’re in polar bear territory.

Svalbard SvalbardSvalbard Svalbard Svalbard

You can see how my polar bear quest went and how I fell in love with the arctic auks.

I love to travel and the arctic is right at the top of my list – if you’re looking for an arctic photographer then please send me a message.