Meera & Raj’s Pergola and Hill Garden Engagement shoot in Hampstead. Meera & Raj suggested visiting these beautiful gardens in Hampstead for the first part of their engagement shoot and I’ve fallen in love with this hidden gem. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of London it has raised walkways, beautiful brick archways and carefully landscaped gardens.

Meera & Raj are great fun and happily braved creepers and spiders so we could find some precious spots of shade on this bright and sunny afternoon! I love finding different textures and ways of framing people to create romantic portraits – the old brick walls are lovely with creepers adding extra texture. These beautiful gardens also have lovely alcoves and arches which create perfect natural frames. Then we used little arcs of sunlight created by a row of arches to frame them laughing and snuggling together.

For this engagement shoot in two parts, that evening we headed south to St Paul’s and the river for sunset – you can see their St Paul’s Cathedral engagement photos here.

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