After introducing me to the hidden gem of Pergola & Hill Garden in Hampstead for the first part of their engagement shoot, Meera & Raj opted for a more well-known spot for sunset and I loved their St Paul’s Cathedral engagement session. They chose more formal clothes for a contrast to the relaxed garden photos and we found some truly spectacular London backdrops for their engagement photos with a city vibe.

Raj’s favourite part of London is the Millennium Bridge with its view of St Paul’s Cathedral and so we knew this had to be included in the session. Planning it carefully for the best light, we met on the steps of St Paul’s at the start of the golden hour as the sun started to set. I love the huge scale of the doors & pillars, and the beauty of the building’s white carved stonework. Sitting on the steps also allowed Raj to show off his impressive eyebrow agility! From there we went for a stroll down a quiet alleyway that is perfectly positioned to give incredible reflections of the cathedral. Finally, we headed down to the Millennium Bridge for sunset & a dreamy blue dusk with the timeless view of St Paul’s Cathedral from the Thames.

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