This is something I don’t often talk about. But I’d like to change that. Because representation matters.

Growing up, it meant a lot to me when Ellen DeGeneres came out. Recently, seeing Matt Evers & Ian H Watkins skating together on Dancing on Ice has meant a lot too. (And since writing this, also seeing Phillip Schofield’s brave & beautiful statement & TV interview).

It reminded me of the importance of representation. The difference that seeing people like you & relationships like yours being accepted & celebrated can make.

And this is true for a wide range of people & relationships. Growing up I didn’t see images of families like mine, with a mum in a wheelchair. Planning our multicultural wedding seven years ago, I didn’t see images that represented our relationship.

It’s always been important to me to capture all kinds of love, weddings & families. And while I’ve said that in words – I’d really like to be able to show it in my images too.

I’ve been lucky to photograph weddings of people from many different backgrounds. Particularly multicultural weddings which will always have a special place in my heart.

Last year I felt incredibly honoured to be asked to photograph my first same-sex wedding. Seeing the guests, from toddlers to old family friends, celebrating two men getting married really touched my heart.

But I’d love my images to show more. I’d love to show more LGBTQ+ couples, to show older couples & those with disabilities. Because I’d love my images to speak to you no matter your age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality or disability.

Love is love.

If you’d be interested in helping me create images that represent & welcome a wider range of relationships & families – I’d love to hear from you. And if you’d like to follow my journey to show that representation matters, I’d love to connect.

Love is love representation matters